Katie’s Testimonial

Katie’s Journey With Altruderm

I came to Altruderm to get the mole on the left side of my nose removed.

I’ve had it since I was about 8 years old when it appeared on my face. Through my teenage years it affected my confidence, and in the run up to getting it removed people used to stare at it and it affected my confidence.

It’s so good now, I can’t even tell you how much my confidence has grown since I have had it taken off. People that obviously did know it was there maybe don’t want to say “have you had that removed?” but I don’t mind talking about it because it was something that was there.

The whole process from the initial email to my consultation, the surgery, to the follow up appointment, even until now has been absolutely amazing. I can’t recommend them enough. So friendly, the clinic was so clean, and just a really nice environment to come to. They make you feel really at ease when you are here.

No question is a silly question, they will reassure you if you are still unsure or don’t understand something. I think it’s great, the best thing I’ve ever done.

Katies mole removal consultation with Dr Kieron McDaid
Dr Kieron McDaid performing a mole removal consultation

Katie B.

I can’t recommend Altruderm enough.
I went to Dr McDaid to have a mole removed on my nose after being told by the NHS that they would not remove it. ​Having this procedure done has really changed my life
​and confidence and I can’t thank the clinic enough for everything!

Mole Removal Surgery

At Altruderm we offer a mole check service with Dr. McDaid, ​which comprises of a detailed consultation where we can discuss any moles which you may be concerned about. During the consultation Dr. McDaid will take a detailed medical history taking into account your risk factors such as family history, medication and previous sun exposure as well as lifestyle habits.

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