Emma’s Testimonial

Emma’s Journey With Altruderm

Hi, my name is Emma Murdoch and I recently had a procedure done with Dr McDaid at the Altruderm Clinic.

The procedure that I received was the radiowave surgery on a mole removal on my face. For the procedure itself I was really nervous about it, it has taken me years to get to the point where I wanted the mole removed and I had a lot of questions. The consultation was wonderful, the procedure was on my face so I was anxious about pain and how long the recovery period would be. These questions were all answered and I made the decision to go ahead with the procedure.

The procedure itself was relatively pain free, I was back to work the same day, and recovery of the procedure was very minimal, it has caused me no issues at all. The results, I am so happy with the removal of my mole. It’s allowed me to gain in confidence, I’ve recently got my hair all cut off. I feel great and that is thanks to Dr McDaid and the Altruderm Clinic.

Emma M.

​I’m so happy with the removal of my mole. It’s allowed me to gain in confidence… I feel great and that’s thanks to Dr McDaid and the Altruderm clinic.

Mole Removal Surgery

At Altruderm we offer a mole check service with Dr. McDaid, ​which comprises of a detailed consultation where we can discuss any moles which you may be concerned about. During the consultation Dr. McDaid will take a detailed medical history taking into account your risk factors such as family history, medication and previous sun exposure as well as lifestyle habits.

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