Mole Removal

Mole Removal in Glasgow

You might be considering mole removal for cosmetic reasons or because your moles catch on your clothes. Or, perhaps you are worried about a mole and would like to have it checked. At Altruderm, our mole removal consultations and treatments are carried out in our Glasgow clinic by Dr. McDaid, who’s knowledge in dermoscopy allows him to examine your mole for safer diagnosis.

There are different methods of mole removal which Dr. McDaid will advise you on during your consultation. Here at Altruderm we are excited to be Scotland’s only private clinic offering Ellman radiowave surgery (sometimes referred to as radio surgery or radiofrequency) for mole removal in Glasgow which is proven worldwide to be a highly effective method of mole removal and has the benefit of:

Facial mole removal by Dr. McDaid using Ellman radiowave surgery.

Facial Mole Removal Before Glasgow
Facial Mole Removal After Glasgow
  • Quick recovery time
  • Less post operative pain
  • Minimise scarring
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Quick recovery time
  • Less post operative pain
  • Minimise scarring
  • Excellent cosmetic results

This is possible as the radiowave technology operates at a high frequency with low temperatures resulting in less tissue damage to surrounding areas, producing aesthetically pleasing results. This is particularly desirable when removing moles from visible areas such as the face.

I’m so happy with the removal of my mole. It’s allowed me to gain confidence. I feel great and that’s thanks to Dr McDaid and the Altruderm clinic.

Emma M

​Mole Removal Consultation

Mole Check Glasgow
At Altruderm we offer a mole check service prior to mole removal with Dr. McDaid, ​which comprises of a detailed consultation where we can discuss any moles which you may be concerned about. During the consultation Dr. McDaid will take a detailed medical history taking into account your risk factors such as family history, medication and previous sun exposure as well as lifestyle habits.

Dermoscopy is a technique used at Altruderm which along with taking a detailed medical history will achieve a better diagnosis as well as improve our advice on surgical management. It involves using a Dermatoscope which is a magnifying lens allowing the practitioner to see the skin more clearly without the interference of reflected light.

At Altruderm we are proud to bring the very latest digital skin imaging technology to our patients here in Glasgow for examining, photographing and tracking skin lesions, complementing the doctor’s diagnostic skills. We have invested in high quality, cutting-edge medical imaging to because we are committed to improving the health outcomes of our patients.

Your mole check and removal consultation will allow the doctor to provide you with advice on the safest course of action and next steps.

Mole Check Consultation Glasgow

Mole Removal Procedure

We remove benign moles and skin lesions for a variety of reasons, including aesthetic purposes achieving excellent cosmetic results. We send a biopsy of every mole we remove to a pathology service for detailed diagnosis ensuring that your treatment is complete and safe. The procedure is completed using local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort and is generally completed within an hour. ​

Our mole removal treatment packages are tailored to you and include:​

  • Pathology for every mole we remove for your peace of mind​​
  • Aftercare advice and out of hours contact details for Dr. McDaid
  • Follow-up appointment with Dr. McDaid to assess healing​​
Mole Removal Glasgow
​Watch one of our patients describe her mole removal treatment journey and the positive impact the treatment has had on her.


Mole Removal Consultation with Doctor £100
Mole Removalfrom £550

Procedure prices include a histopathology report for yourself and your GP, as well as a follow-up appointment with the Doctor.

On rare occasions additional diagnostic tests which incur further charges may be required to finalise your diagnosis. These will be discussed with you before proceeding and added to your overall invoice.

Post Procedure Epilation (removing hair follicles)£100
Additional Follow-up Appointments£50

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a mole be removed on the NHS?
Your GP can refer you to see an NHS dermatologist who may decide to remove your mole if they believe it may have cancerous or abnormal cells. It will then be examined under a microscope to confirm a diagnosis. If however, you would like your mole removed for cosmetic reasons, or any other reason that is not associated with an underlying disease, the NHS does not offer this service routinely. At Altruderm, we conduct thorough mole checks using the dermoscopy (magnification) technique, and, if upon examination Dr. McDaid has concerns about a mole he would encourage you to go to your GP to be referred into the NHS for assessment. We regularly send our mole removal specimens to a private pathology service to ensure your peace of mind and confirm our benign diagnosis.
Can I get rid of a mole by myself?

While it may seem harmless enough, it is in fact potentially very dangerous to do this. This should be done by a medical professional with training in identifying the signs of skin cancer. Dr. McDaid’s knowledge in dermoscopy allows him to use magnification to assess the features of any lesions he examines. Lesions or moles with worrying features should be removed in a specific way that allows the specimen to be thoroughly examined in a pathology lab ensuring the correct diagnosis and treatment can be given.

Do moles grow back after being removed?

Moles can grow back after being removed if some of the mole cells remain under the skin. In some instances, hairs from the mole may continue to grow if the follicle remains. Epilation (destruction of hair follicles) can be carried out in the clinic post procedure once your pathology results have been returned.

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